Congrats to Joy Buolamwini, Rhode Scholar 2012

Georgia Tech Alumna Named Rhodes Scholar

Georgia Tech alumna Joy Buolamwini has been named a Rhodes scholar. She will attend the University of Oxford, where she plans to pursue degrees in African studies and global governance and diplomacy.

A 2012 computer science graduate from Memphis, Tenn., Buolamwini plans to use her skills to lower barriers in communication with the goal of increasing commerce, keeping governments accountable and improving the quality of life for millions of people.

“My mission is to show compassion through computation,” Buolamwini said. “The heart of computing is humanity, and as a Rhodes scholar, I will have an unprecedented opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of developing nations and global governance while connecting with world leaders who are committed to fighting the world’s fight – making sure each individual can reach her human potential.”

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