How to contact me?

Executive Assistant:

Email (Best and HIGHLY Preferred Method):

Email Address: i…

  • I review email on a regular basis. But remember, email is NOT an active form of communication. Don’t expect responses in a few minutes.  Usually, expect a response within 24 hours to a few days.
  • Short emails (in text) are likely to get a quicker response. Attachments are less likely to be opened, sorry.
  • I read all email, though thanks to SPAM, some (well many) are missed. If a response is needed for something and not received, please resend.


The phone numbers for my office are listed on the card above. When you call it, you will hear a message telling you to send me an email, I suggest you do that. If we work together, you already have my mobile/cell phone number.


My FAX # at GA Tech is +1-404-385-4509. Please make sure to put my name on the cover page.


GA Tech ON Campus Office:

My office is in the CODA building on the GA Tech Campus (See campus map). I am in the Machine Learning Neighborhood on the 11th floor, Office #1103. To get into the building, you will need a Georgia Tech Buzzcard or sign in as a visitor at the building lobby, unless you have made a prior appointment to visit.

Coda Building
(Image Courtesy Wikipedia)

Address for CODA is

756 West Peachtree Street, 11th Floor
Atlanta GA 30308

GA Tech Mailing Address (Courier Mail/Fed Ex/UPS/Etc)

Georgia Tech – Machine Learning
Professor Irfan Essa – 4048946856
756 West Peachtree street, 11th Floor
Atlanta GA 30308