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  • M. Grundmann, V. Kwatra, Daniel Castro, and I. Essa (2012), “Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal,” in IEEE Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), 2012. (Best Paper Award) [PDF] [WEBSITE] [VIDEO] [DOI] [BIBTEX]
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was listed as the “Excellent Paper” by Google Research for 2012

We honor the influential papers authored or co-authored by Googlers covering all of 2012 — covering roughly 6% of our total publications.  It’s tough choosing, so we may have left out some important papers.  So, do see the publications list to review the complete group.

Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal
Matthias Grundmann*, Vivek Kwatra*, Daniel Castro, Irfan Essa*, International Conference on Computational Photography ’12. Best paper.
Mobile phones and current generation DSLR’s, contain an electronic rolling shutter, capturing each frame one row of pixels at a time. Consequently, if the camera moves during capture, it will cause image distortions ranging from shear to wobbly distortions. We propose a calibration-free solution based on a novel parametric mixture model to correct these rolling shutter distortions in videos that enables real-time rolling shutter rectification as part of YouTube’s video stabilizer.

via Google AI Blog: Excellent Papers for 2012

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