Showcase: DVFX 2004 Video Productions

DVFX 2004 Video Productions

Image from Once Upon A Time “Once Upon A Time”

The Digital Video Special Effects class of Spring 2004 (CS 4480/8803dfx) will present their final productions on April 22, 2004 in CoCB 102 at 12n. Students will show and discuss the short video segments (less than 1 minutes each) that they have produced to showcase the technical special effects they have generated during the course of the semester. This class combines understanding of the technical issues underlying the generation of special effects with the expression of artistic creativity by producing a short video. Students are required to do all aspects of the production from story-boarding to shot-planning to camera-work to writing code for special effects generation, to sound and & music editing and video editing.  They also produce a “making-of” to explain their production. Most aspects of their production and all the important steps that led to it are listed below.

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