General Questions

Q: What is the best way to reach you?

The best way to reach me is via EMAIL. Please use an appropriate subject line and short email is more likely to be read sooner than a longer one. Please DO NOT call me as I do not check my voicemail much. In fact, the voicemail tells you to send me email. As everyone, I receive over 300 emails a day, after SPAM filtering. So if you do not get a response from me, please try again. I do try to respond to email at least once a day, but not on weekends.

Q: Where are you located?

My office is in the College of Computing Building (CCB) on the Georgia Tech Campus. My Office is CCB 314. The Street Address is 801 Atlantic Drive. See Contact/Directions for information on directions, where to park etc. My Administrative Assistant is Kyla Reese, (k… | CoCB 162,+1-404-385-0805). Please contact her for scheduling meetings with me.

Q: How can I get a copy of Paper X or find out more about your Project Y?

For papers, please see my publications page and if I am allowed to put an online copy it should be there, or else please contact the publisher. For research projects see the site and/or contact the appropriate student.

Q: How do I schedule a meeting with you?

You can contact my admin assistant Kyla Reese, (k… | CoCB 162,+1-404-385-0805).

Reviewing Request

Q: Can you review this paper/proposal?

I understand and appreciate the importance of reviewing papers, evaluating proposals and quite happy to do so, if and I feel I can do such a review and evaluation appropriate justice. Please send me an email with information about what you’d like me to review. If you do not hear back from me in two/three days, then it should be obvious that I am too busy. I usually respond in a few days stating that I can do the required evaluation in time. PLEASE, do not send me a review request and assume that I have agreed to do the review.

Questions by Prospective Students

Q: I want to work with you as a PhD/MS Student?

First of all, I do not admit MS or PhD Students. I do work with students from a variety of departments at GA Tech, but the students have to be admitted to these departments. Got to to apply for admission.

I am happy to talk with you about possible projects, but I DO NOT ASSIGN NEW STUDENTS TO EXISTING PROJECTS and RARELY EVER OFFER GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS to do my work without having worked with you on some project. I look for motivated, hard working, and technically/mathematically proficient students who are willing to chart their own research agenda, under my guidance. Be warned, form letters to me will not be responded to.

Q: I am doing my UNDERGRADUATE degree I want to do an internship with you?

 I do not have a program for summer internship, so please do not contact me for internships.  Sorry.

Q: I am a High School student and need a mentor. Can you please help me?

Please send me an email. I do not promise anything, but I will try to help if I can.

Q: Do you have internships in your research group?

The answer is mostly NO, as I do not have short term projects.

Other Inquiries

Q: I am a member of the Media and would like to talk to you about X?

Please contact the Georgia Tech College of Computing’s Office of Communication for further information and to schedule an appointment.

Q: I need some help with a project that I am doing. Can you please help me?

I am always interested in projects, but my time commitments do not allow for free consulting. If you would like to talk to me about some projects, please email me.

Q: Do you have experience with Expert Witness and other related stuff in the Legal area?

Yes, I have served as a expert witness and will be happy to discuss this with you as needed.

Q: I am an employer interested in hiring your best students?

While I am happy to recommend to you my best students, the problem I have is that I have too many and there are too many companies/individuals that want to hire them. If there is someone specific, with a PhD, you want me to help you find, then do send me an email, otherwise you maybe better off checking out College of Computing’s Job Oppurtunities Site or GA Tech Alumni Association’s Career Site.