The following are some of the videos of my work or presentations recently that have online videos. You get to provide your own popcorn. Some highlights are (1) a YouTube playlist of all of my research videos from 2000 – 2015 (needs to be updated). (2) A YouTube playlist of all my lectures from my Computational Photography (CS 6475) class. (549 video segments!). Some presentations, like a TEDx Talk, talk at GA Tech for the Machine Learning Center (ML@GT), and a talk at CMU Robotics Institute. And, some old videos from my Digital Video Effects class.

All my research related videos from 2000 to present, as a You Tube playlist

My Computational Photography (CS 6475) lectures in Video as a YouTube playlist

TEDx talk on Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligence (November 2017)

A Talk about the newly formed Machine Learning Center at GA Tech (May 2017)

Talk at CMU’s Robotics Institute (Oct 2012)

Select Videos from my Digital Video Special Effects class (CS 4480) from 1999 – 2007.