Event: CnJ Panel at Georgia Tech’s Future Media Fest 2011 | Computation + Journalism

Computational Journalism is defined as the application of computation to the activities of journalism such as information gathering, organization, communication, and dissemination of information, while upholding values of journalism such as accuracy and verifiability. Journalists are increasingly adopting and using the proliferation of open-source tools and embracing different styles of journalism. Explore how newsrooms are opening, what new tools are being created, and how to use those tools most effectively.


Topics of discussion will include (but will not be limited to):

  • What is Computational Journalism?
  • What impact has Computation / Information Technology / Networking Technology had on Journalism?
  • What is the newsroom of the future? How has the newsroom changed?
  • How has investigative journalism changed with new technologies?
  • How is social networking changed how we gather, distribute, and share news (and information)?
  • What are the economic / financial models that need to explored to support (and sustain) journalism?
  • What is the role of an Editor in the new journalism model?
  • What should we be teaching the next generation of journalists?

via CnJ Panel at Georgia Tech’s Future Media Fest 2011 | Computation + Journalism.

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