Computational Photography MOOC on Coursera, comes to a close.

The Computational Photography MOOC offering in Coursera came to a close with the following final announcement (abridged here) on May 7, 2013.

Computational photographers:
Thanks for joining us for an engaging 5 weeks of collaboratively learning the wonderful aspects of computational photography. We bid you all farewell now and hope to see some of you in a future reincarnation of this class, building on the feedback provided by many of you. Keep a lookout for the repeat of the same class, and for another class continuing to more advanced topics.
Final graded scores, and the the certificate of completion will be made available this week. All assignment solutions are available, as requested. We will also keep the class site open for a while.
Do remember that we still welcome your feedback, so use the forums. If you haven’t done so already, please do spend a few minutes to fill out the survey for the last week of class, which is part of a survey we are conducting to understand and evaluate online classes offerings like this one.
Again, thanks for participating, and good luck with your future endeavors. And remember to take good pictures, and to have fun computing with photographs.
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