Presentation at International Workshop on Video (2009): "Temporal Representations of Video for Analysis and Synthesis"

“Temporal Representations of Video for Analysis and Synthesis” at IWV09: International Workshop on Video, In Barcelona, SPAIN, May 25-27, 2009.

(Slides, NO Video)


I will present a variety of temporal models of video that we have been studying (and developing on) for analysis and synthesis of video. Forsynthesis of videos, we have been developing representations that support example-based re-synthesis and spatio-temporal re-targeting. These approaches build on graph-based methods and we present techniques for similarity metrics for video, segmentation in video, and merging of different video streams. I will showcase a series of examples of these approaches applied to generate new videos.

For analysis of videos, we have developed a series of representations to observe and model activities in videos. Building on low-level measures of movement and motion in videos, we have incorporated higher-level temporal generative models to represent and recognize observed activities. I will discuss the strengths of a variety of State-based, Markovian, Grammar-based and Network-based representations that we have employed for recognizing activities from video. I will also discuss approaches for unsupervised discovery and recognition of activities.

Time permitting, I will describe some new efforts that move towards understanding mobile imaging and video, and video authoring and video on the web, Within these I will discuss issues of collaborative imaging, collective authoring, ad-hoc sensor networks, and peer production with images and videos. Using these concepts, to focus the conversation, I will discuss how all of these issues are impacting the field Journalism and Reporting and how we have started on a new interdisciplinary research and education effort, we call Computational Journalism.

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