Teaching: Spring 2012

In Spring 2012, I am teaching 2 classes.

Advanced Computational Photography (CS 8803 PHO) [with Grant Schindler]

This is an advanced topics class in Computational Photography, building on my intro class and explores technical aspects of pictures, and more precisely the capture and depiction of reality on a 2D medium. The scientific, perceptual, and artistic principles behind image-making will be emphasized. Topics include the relationship between pictorial techniques and the human visual system; intrinsic limitations of 2D representations and their possible compensations; and technical issues involving depiction. Technical aspects of image capture and rendering, and exploration of how such a medium can be used to its maximum potential, will be examined. Students are strongly encouraged (not required) to bring their digital cameras and a laptop to facilitate experiments. The class will explore recent and state of the art paper in Computational Photography from leading conferences and journals in the area and students will do projects in a variety of topics.

Computation + Journalism (CS 4464 / CS 6465)

This class is aimed at understanding the computational and technological advancements in the area of journalism. Primary focus is on the study of technologies for developing new tools for (a) sense-making from diverse news information sources, (b) the impact of more and cheaper networked sensors (c) collaborative human models for information aggregation and sense-making, (d) mashups and the use of programming in journalism, (e) the impact of mobile computing and data gathering, (f) computational approaches to information quality, (g) data mining for personalization and aggregation, and (h) citizen journalism. Complete schedule and other information will be on the t-square site available to only students taking the class.

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