Participated in the KAUST Conference on Computational Imaging and Vision 2015

I was invited to participate and present at the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Conference on Computational Imaging and Vision (CIV)
March 1-4, 2015
Building 19 Level 3, Lecture Halls
Visual Computing Center (VCC)
Invited Speakers included

  • Shree Nayar – Columbia University
  • Daniel Cremers – Technical University of Munich
  • Rene Vidal –The Johns Hopkins University
  • Wolfgang Heidrich – VCC, KAUST
  • Jingyi Yu –University of Delaware
  • Irfan Essa – The Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Mubarak Shah – University of Central Florida
  • Larry Davis – University of Maryland
  • David Forsyth –University of Illinois
  • Gordon Wetzstein – Stanford University
  • Brian Barsky – University of California
  • Yi Ma – ShanghaiTech University
  • etc.

This event was hosted by the Visual Computing Center (Wolfgang HeidrichBernard GhanemGanesh Sundaramoorthi).
Daniel Castro also attended and presented a poster at the meeting.

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