Presentation at CVPR 2012 workshop on Large Scale Video Search and Mining "Extracting Content and Context from Video."

Extracting Content and Context from Video.

(Presentation at CVPR 2012 workshop on Large Scale Video Search and Mining 2012, June 21, 2012)
Irfan Essa


In this talk, I will describe various efforts aimed at extracting context and content from video. I will highlight some of our recent work in extracting spatio-temporal features and the related saliency information from the video, which can be used to detect and localize regions of interest in video. Then I will describe approaches that use structured and unstructured representations to recognize the complex and extended-time actions.  I will also discuss the need for unsupervised activity discovery, and detection of anomalous activities from videos. I will show a variety of examples, which will include online videos, mobile videos, surveillance and home monitoring video, and sports videos. Finally, I will pose a series of questions and make observations about how we need to extend our current paradigms of video understanding to go beyond local spatio-temporal features, and standard time-series and bag of words models.

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