Announcing the new Interdisciplinary Research Center for Machine Learning at Georgia Tech (ML@GT)

Announcement from Georgia Tech’s College of Computing about a new Interdisciplinary Research Center for Machine Learning (ML@GT) that I will be serving as the Inaugural Director for.ML@GT

Machine Learning @ Georgia Tech Based in the College of Computing, ML@GT represents all of Georgia Tech. It is tasked with pushing forward the ability for computers to learn from observations and data. As one of the fastest growing research areas in computing, machine learning spans many disciplines that use data to discover scientific principles, infer patterns, and extract meaningful knowledge.

According to School of Interactive Computing Professor Irfan Essa, inaugural director of ML@GT, machine learning (ML) has reached a new level of maturity and is now impacting all aspects of computing, engineering, science, and business. “We are in the era of aggregation, of collecting data,” said Essa. “However, machine learning is now propelling data analysis, and the whole concept of interpreting that data, toward a new era of making sense of the data, using it to make meaningful connections between information, and acting upon it in innovative ways that bring the most benefit to the most people.”

The new center begins with more than 100 affiliated faculty members from five Georgia Tech colleges and the Georgia Tech Research Institute, as well as some jointly affiliated with Emory University.

Source: Two New Interdisciplinary Research Centers Shaping Future of Computing | Georgia Tech – College of Computing

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